December 2023 Fire Department Newsletter

Winter is here and we at the fire department are in the spirit of the season.  We have had several events in the past few weeks, and perhaps the most exciting is the accomplishment of our very own Firefighter Cody Jueden!  FF Jueden was selected as one of 45 firefighters in the nation to participate in the November 2023 Georgia Smoke divers’ program.  The Smoke diver program is one of the most elite structural firefighting training programs in the world and has one of the highest failure rates of all emergency response training.  FF Jueden was one of 14 firefighters that was able to complete the entire class and graduate as a Smoke diver.  FF Jueden participated in advanced search training, advanced firefighting techniques, and grueling physical fitness during the weeklong class.  Congrats Cody!

We also would like to congratulate Firefighter Rick Hatridge on his retirement after working for the city for 22 years.  We will miss him, but he will surely be around so if you see him out and about, make sure to say hi!

That’s all from the fire department and until next month – stay safe!