September 2023 Fire Dept. Newsletter

Summer is drawing to a close and the changing of the seasons is upon us. All of us at the fire department are breathing a sigh of relief at the drop in temperatures! It sure makes it easier to wear our turnouts for a longer time. We have been busy with several events this past month, one of which was Fill the Boot. Thank you for all of the City family that came through the intersection more than once and helped contribute. With all your help and the generosity of the community, we were able to raise $21,450.00 with our one-day event! We couldn’t do it without you all! 

We also were able to award our Fire Officer of the Year for 2022 Battalion Chief Corey Beam and Firefighter of the Year for 2022 Joe Casias. Congratulations guys! 

With summer finishing up, there are more children walking to and from school. Please make sure to take an extra look while approaching crosswalks, as well as when turning off a main street. We want to make sure to keep our kiddos from being hurt! That’s all from the Fire Department, and until next month, stay safe!

Firefighter Dan Gould