March 2019 Fire Dept. Newsletter

Well training seems to be the word of the month for the Fire Department. The majority of the training was for the five new recruits but everyone else got their fair share of training in as well this past month.

The recruit academy is going well for our five new members. With this many new guys hired at once we are able to perform training scenarios and provide other training opportunities that we just haven’t been able to pull off in the past. These new recruits were able to go to Boise and perform live fire training at the BFD training center. Along with the live fire training, they were given a fire behavior class as well as a forcible entry class. This opportunity was very appreciated by the department as well as the 5 new guys and I think everyone had a good time as well. After the training in Boise, the new guys attended 3 classes taught by our in house instructors. The classes were, Vehicle Extrication Operations, Fire Investigation for First Responders, and Hazardous Materials Operations. All three classes were very informative, provided them with state level certifications, and will help get the new guys started off on the right foot while they work towards their Firefighter Level I and II certifications. Somewhere in the mix the new guys also attended a natural gas and fire extinguisher training session with the props provided by Intermountain Gas. This training again is not only very informative but it is pretty fun as well. So as you can see the rookies are staying quite busy and learning a lot along the way and at the end of the academy they will be able to perform all aspects of the job in an effective manner and will be an efficient member of their assigned engine companies.

The annual Southern Idaho Fire Academy (SIFA) was held this past month in the Burley area. The Academy is a three-day event full of crucial firefighter training. SIFA makes it possible for volunteer departments and smaller professional departments to get the necessary training needed to successfully do the job, while sharing the cost of the training with other departments. Instructors are brought in from all over the state to teach the classes which cover a wide range and accommodate everyone from the beginner level firefighter to the more seasoned individuals. A several members of TFFD attended and took advantage of this excellent training opportunity. All our boys who attended had a profitable experience and will now be able to apply what they learned to the job, making them that much more effective. Good job fellas, keep up the good work!

Well, that’s about it for this month. Until next time don’t forget to wave to the guys in the BRT!