February Fire Department Newsletter

This past month was as always busy for the fire department. Busy with training, a Driver/Operator promotion, a retirement and the recruitment of a potential Fire Chief, and we only had to shovel snow once or twice so that was strange but helpful I guess.

First we need to congratulate Steve Haszier on his recent retirement. Steve was hired in October 1993 and worked his way to Driver Operator in 2001. Steve was an excellent firefighter and knowledgeable Driver/Operator. Steve worked well with everyone and it was a seldom occurrence that he did not have a smile on his face. Steve will be missed but we wish him the best in his future endeavors. Happy retirement Steve!

A retirement is always followed by a promotion and this time the lucky fella is newly promoted Driver/Operator T.J. Prescott. We stole T.J. from the Water Department in 2007 when he decided he didn’t want to supply the water anymore but instead use it for firefighting operations. T.J. will slide into his new position and remain on B-shift. We all believe T.J. will do an excellent job with his new responsibilities as Driver/Operator. Good Luck T.J.!

With the promotion of T.J. Prescott to Driver/Operator, we now have a vacancy in the Firefighter rank. We will soon hold a recruit testing process to find a desirable candidate to fill the vacancy. The plan is to revamp our testing procedures and the new process is not quite finalized, but will be soon. So if you have a desire to be a firefighter or know someone who does, look for the upcoming job posting.

Recently the city has been in the process of recruiting a new Fire Chief. It has been some time now since the role was filled and the extra duties and decisions are falling on other members of the Fire Department. But the process is nearly complete and we soon will have a leader to fulfill the duties of a Fire Chief. We are all quite anxious to meet and get to know our new leader and discover his ideas and view for the future of the Twin Falls Fire Department.

When we respond to a call, someone needs our assistance otherwise they would not have called. Those “needs” can vary from simply helping someone who fell, to their feet, to administering CPR, to extinguishing a house fire and searching for victims, to rescuing someone who fell from one of our canyons. Our ability to meet these “needs” depends on our knowledge and skill base that we are continuously trying to improve on and we do this by training, learning and studying. Someone asked recently why the fire department trains so much and the answer is simple; first of all it’s fun, but more importantly when you are in need of our assistance we want to provide the best “help” for your situation that we can.

Well, that's it for this month. Until next time, don’t forget to wave to the guys in the BRT.