June 2020 Fire Dept. Newsletter

Things at the Fire Department are busy as ever.  We, much like all the other departments, are slowly dealing with the development of the COVID-19 pandemic.  While things are starting to relax as far as the outbreak is concerned, we are still responding to medical calls wearing masks, eye protection and gloves.  Just know we are smiling under those masks!

We have been able to take delivery of a new ladder truck to replace the old 1989 Grumman Aerial-Cat, as well as a 2020 Braun Ambulance, both of which will be in service soon.  If you see us out training with the new apparatus, we are getting familiar with it to be able to serve you all and the citizens of Twin Falls.

In addition to all the training we will be doing on those new apparatus, all the Driver/Operators were able to attend the annual Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) training in Helena, Montana.  This equips them to respond to any aircraft incident that may occur on or off airport grounds.  We are very thankful they could attend this training to be ready for anything in the coming year. That is all for now, be sure to wave if you see us out and about!

Ladder 1 2020