January Fire Dept. Newsletter

1.jpgHappy Holidays from the fire department! We hope that all your Christmas dreams came true and that your New Year's resolutions will be easily kept. The “B” shift boys had the privilege of working both Christmas day and New Year's Eve this year, but it isn't all bad. On Christmas day the "B" boys had the option of inviting their families to the stations for dinner and Christmas caroling. Okay, there may not have been much caroling, but I'm sure it was a festive time. Being able to have your family come visit always makes it a little easier to be away from home on these holidays.
Once again the City Luncheon/Retreat was a great time, with good food, good door prizes, and great conversation and comradery. The Fire Department would like to thank all who were involved in putting this awesome event together. It was a fun and inspiring time and we can’t wait until the next one comes around.

Not only did has the year come to an end but so has this year’s fire extinguisher maintenance program. This year the Fire Department decided to try a hands off approach for the extinguisher program. Katie Steele with Idaho Fire Extinguisher had the privilege of maintaining the over 600 city owned extinguishers. Katie and her crew did an excellent job getting the extinguishers properly maintained and the Fire Department would like to thank everyone who helped her through the process this year. And good news she has agreed to come back and do it again next year! With the extinguishers being maintained by a professional company, the fire boys had more time for training, running emergency call, and participating in public events.

Speaking of public events, this past month we helped out at multiple events. First there was the Festival of Lights Parade/Tree Lighting/City Hall Grand Opening, which was a great event and the parade appeared to have a record breaking attendance. We of course had Ladder 1 decked out with Christmas lights and the jolly man himself. Next was the Polar Plunge at Centennial Park, where Engine 3 staged and assisted participants who were cold, wet, and let’s face it a little crazy.  Then we helped some families in need shop for Christmas during the Heroes and Helpers event at Target. That same day Engine 2 participated in the 3rd Annual St. Luke’s Festival for Children at the Reformed Church. Last but not least the Fire Boys beat the PD…..I mean worked with PD to helped raise money during the annual Salvation Army Kettle Stand Off at Walmart. In all seriousness this was a little friendly competition that will hopefully benefit a lot of Twin Falls Families this Christmas season, but the FD did bring in more scratch than the PD…….just saying. So as you can see the Fire Department was pretty busy this month, but it’s events like these and responding to emergency calls where we get to make a positive impact in someone’s lives that make our jobs so great.

Well that's it for this month. Until next time, Happy Holidays and

 don't forget to wave to the guys in the BRT.