Citizen Survey

The Citizen Survey serves as a report card for the City of Twin Falls. On a bi-annual basis, residents are given the opportunity to rate the quality of life, their satisfaction with community amenities, and the performance of local government. Residents also provide feedback on what is working well within the City and what needs improvement. The feedback is used to identify priority areas and resource allocation within the budget.

The report also includes information on the demographics of the individuals that completed the surveys, including age, gender, race, household income, children at home, and more. This information is also useful when determining programs and services to ensure inclusivity, equity, and diversity. Respondents have the opportunity to rate the City of Twin Falls on multiple topics, including:

  • Overall quality of life

  • Feeling of safety in your neighborhood

  • Ease of travel by car

  • Overall built environment

  • Customer service of city employees

  • Garbage collections

  • Code Enforcement

  • Police and Fire

  • Recreation opportunities

  • Civic Involvement

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    Mandi Thompson

    Assistant to the City Manager
    Phone: (208) 735-7237


Thank you to everyone that completed the 2018 National Citizen survey. More than 1,500 surveys were mailed to citizens across the City of Twin Falls and 441 completed surveys were returned. This corresponds to a 31% response rate, which is in-line with the national response rate of 32%.


•    Overall feeling of safety

•    Place to raise children 

•    Street repairs

•    Overall economic health and employment opportunities 

•    Quality of services provided by city government

Areas for Improvement:

•    Affordable quality housing and housing options 

•    Public Transit

•    Public engagement


The City of Twin Falls works with National Citizen Survey, or NCS, to conduct a biennial survey that helps the city improve service delivery, strengthen communication with the community, and help  identify clear priorities for use in strategic planning and budgeting. NRC gathers statistically valid data and presents detailed reports, which compare improvements and declines from prior survey years and highlight trends. The survey also offers an opportunity to benchmark progress against communities of similar size and demographics.



The Citizen Survey covers a variety of topics that related directly to the eight focus areas of the City’s 2030 Community Strategic Plan:SP Arrow

1.    Healthy Community

2.    Learning Community 

3.    Secure Community

4.    Accessible Community

5.    Environmental Community

6.    Prosperous Community 

7.    Responsible Community 

8.    Internal Organization