Environmental Community


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EC1.1: The City will reduce negative impacts of noise and light

  • EC1.1.1: The City will explore establishing noise limits including road noise, sewer lids and limiting construction activities to certain hours.
  • EC1.1.2: The City will develop and implement a policy that balances the needs between safe illumination and light pollution.

EC1.2: The City will employ sustainable land use policies

  • EC1.2.1: The City will explore the opportunities to increase the use of Xeriscape landscaping.
  • EC1.2.2: The City will implement Land Use Goals from the Comprehensive Plan to protect agricultural lands, the natural environment, and encourage locally productive mixed use/mixed housing developments.

EC1.3: The City will enhance property maintenance levels in the community

  • EC1.3.1: The City will seek to improve the safety and health of private property conditions through adequate codes, enforcement, public education, and certified and trained employees.
  • EC1.3.2: The City will emphasize crime prevention through environmental design.

EC1.4: The City will support efforts to maintain air quality

  • EC1.4.1: The City will create a tree management and replacement plan to increase tree population and ensure appropriate placement throughout the city to reduce conflicts with infrastructure.
  • EC1.4.3: The City will continue to monitor collection systems for odors and mitigate through infrastructure improvements, code modification, education, and community partner relationships.
  • EC1.4.4: The City will explore creating standards for monitoring air quality particulate saturation and associated enforcement policies.

Goal EC2: Support environmental stewardship

  • EC2.1: The City will develop its assets to support environmental stewardship.
  • EC2.1.1: The City will optimize currently owned surface water rights and explore additional areas throughout the city to convert to pressure irrigation systems.
  • EC2.1.2: The City will explore additional water supply sources to alleviate demand on Blue Lakes Wells and explore opportunities to acquire new rights and mitigate existing protested rights.

EC2.2: The City will manage its assets to support environmental stewardship

  • EC2.2.1: The City will re-examine its water fee structure to reflect the true costs of ongoing and future operations and maintenance. 
  • EC2.2.2: The City will optimize City irrigation practices by converting current city parks to pressure irrigation systems and optimizing potable watering techniques to reduce over usage.
  • EC2.2.3: The City will evaluate its recycling program while exploring further opportunities to expand similar types of programs.
  • EC2.2.4: The City will increase public outreach and education on proper irrigation practices and times.
  • EC2.2.5: The City will expand Auger Falls’ capacity to include reclaimed wastewater and explore additional opportunities for TSS pond expansion and nutrient removal.
  • EC2.2.6: The City will continue partnership and collaboration with Twin Falls Canal Company to enhance water quality and meet regulations.
  • EC2.2.7: The City will continue recycling roadway materials using the latest technology and equipment. 
  • EC2.2.8: The City will reduce the use of salt and sand through replacement of the latest liquid de-icing agents, producing a corresponding improvement in air and water quality.
  • EC2.2.9: The City will maintain and improve existing non-potable pressurized irrigation facilities.

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EC2.3: The City will implement the Water, Wastewater Collections and Treatment System Master Plans

  • EC2.3.1: The City will continue to develop budgeting strategies in order to fund infrastructure projects.
  • EC2.3.2: The City will evaluate and develop appropriate systemwide redundancies and security.
  • EC2.3.3: The City will evaluate and develop appropriate storage capacity.
  • EC2.3.4: The City will operate, maintain, and improve its systems to meet federal, state, and local standards and to realize the full utilization/lifespan of the facility.
  • EC2.3.5: The City will maintain effective emergency response capability in the case of failed infrastructure or natural disaster.
  • EC2.3.6: The City will continually evaluate system efficiency and make improvements when appropriate. 
  • EC2.3.7: The City will continue to appropriately fund the zone maintenance program and support workloads through adequate staffing/contracting levels.
  • EC2.3.8: The City will increase the support and development of GIS/Cityworks.
  • EC2.3.9: The City will develop and improve SCADA instrumentation and controls for key infrastructure points.
  • EC2.3.10: The City will research, develop, and implement conservation and water reuse policies and procedures.
  • EC2.3.11: The City will develop and enhance current and future regional partnerships for water conservation and water/wastewater quality efforts.