Learning Community

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LC1.1: The City will support efforts of others in creating a well-educated and trained community

  • LC1.1.1: The City will support the College of Southern Idaho in its effort to educate the community, responding to diverse needs of citizens and responding to workforce needs.
  • LC1.1.2: The City will support the Twin Falls School District (TFSD) in its effort to expand career paths, preparing students for a livable wage employment, ensure future jobs/career needs are being met with a focus on sustainable wages.
  • Objective LC1.1.3: The City will provide mentoring and internship programs.
  • Objective LC1.1.4: The City will support the community’s efforts to ensure local students can stay in the community or return later in life.

LC2: Maximize capacity of Twin Falls Public Library as community learning center

LC2.1: The City and Library will enter into a memorandum of understanding defining how the Twin Falls Public Library will support the Community Strategic Plan and how the City will support efforts

  • LC2.1.1: Library, College of Southern Idaho, Twin Falls School District, and others will educate citizens about available programs, including ESL, Adult Basic Education, and others, to be identified.
  • LC2.1.2: Twin Falls Library will investigate “Drop-In” classes, in conjunction with CSI, TFSD, and others to be identified. Include information on the City website.
  • LC2.1.3: Library will research and provide information on community resources and educational opportunities. The City will work with Library to establish strategic locations, through the use of kiosks, throughout the City to provide this information to citizens.