Strategic Traffic Accident Reduction Team

The Twin Falls Police Department’s Strategic Traffic Accident Reduction Team (STAR Team) is committed to reducing traffic collisions and collision-related injuries in the City of Twin Falls by using three key tactics: enforcement, education and community participation. Developed in 2000, the STAR Team is a group of Twin Falls Police Officers specifically trained and deployed to respond to the extensive traffic needs of our community. Sergeant Lou Coronado leads the STAR Team.

Throughout the late 1990’s, the City of Twin Falls led most cities in the State of Idaho in its annual vehicle collision rate and number of collision-related injuries, while ranking last in seat belt usage. Recognizing the need to develop aggressive, innovative strategies to handle this growing crisis, the Twin Falls Police Department created the STAR Team in May 2000. Since that time, the City of Twin Falls has seen a reduction in its number of reportable vehicle collisions and a significant increase in its seat belt usage rate.