Criminal Investigation Division

Responsibilities and Structure

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is responsible for the investigation and resolution of all major crimes reported to the Twin Falls Police Department. The CID evaluates all felony and many misdemeanor cases for solve-ability. In the event a case is deemed potentially solvable, it is assigned to one of our nine Police Detectives or Community Service Officers for investigation. It is the goal of the CID to provide quality customer service to everyone who finds themselves a victim of a crime.

Our division is comprised of three main groups:

  • Felony Investigations
  • Special Investigation Unit (S.I.U.)
  • Victim / Witness Services

The CID falls under the Operations Division and is led by Captain Brent Wright, Lieutenant Justin Dimond, Sergeant Ryan Howe, and Sergeant Justin Hendrickson and Corporal Jayson Mickelson supervise the employees assigned to these teams and constantly stress the importance of customer service and thorough, professional investigations.

Customer Service

In an effort to provide excellent customer service, the CID has developed a case management system that emphasizes continual contacts with crime victims, manageable case loads and timely completion of assigned work. Since police resources are limited, it is not practical to devote investigative resources to those cases with little chance of a successful resolution. Common examples of investigative leads include whether a viable suspect is known, existence of physical evidence, or if the stolen property is identifiable.

Detectives may become involved with the investigation of other incidents, which could pose substantial risk to the lives or property of our citizens. Such cases may include:

  • Internet investigations
  • Other suspicious activity that may result in a criminal offense
  • Repeat offenders
  • Missing persons

Prosecution Services

The City of Twin Falls Police Department works closely with the City Attorney and the Twin Falls County Prosecutor's Office to professionally handle prosecution cases as efficiently and expeditiously as possible.