Police Patrol Unit



The Patrol Unit of the Twin Falls Police Department is responsible for providing the citizens of the City of Twin Falls with the highest level of professional police service and protection. The Patrol Unit stands on the front line of most police requests for service and provides the majority of the public safety and peace keeping needs. Captain Brent Wright oversees the Patrol Division with Lieutenant Chuck Garner and Lieutenant Luke Allen.

The officers assigned to the Patrol Unit are dedicated towards working in partnership with the members of our community in anticipating and preventing problems and to improving the quality of life for our city's residents and visitors.

Team Divisions

The Patrol Unit consists of two patrol platoons and the Strategic Traffic Accident Reduction (STAR) Team. Each platoon is led by a staff sergeant, sergeant's, corporal's and consists of nine police officers. The Patrol Unit also provides several proactive and specialized police services which include: canine teams, bicycle patrol, Bomb Squad and the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team. Many of our officers serve our community in multiple roles.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact Captain Brent Wright by email bwright@tfid.org or calling (208) 735-7216.