Twin Falls Police Department

TFPDBadgeCloseupAbout the Department

For over 100 years, the Twin Falls Police Department (TFPD) has been ready to protect, defend and serve the citizens and visitors of this community. Today the TFPD consists of more than 100 employees and has earned the reputation of being a professional and service-oriented organization.

The mission of the Twin Falls Police Department is: To provide excellent customer service, professional law enforcement and effective crime prevention for a safe community. 


The values of the TFPD are the foundation of the organization, representing the principles from which every policy and procedure is derived and permeating every facet of the department’s operation. The ability to articulate these values, as well as each member’s personal commitment to them, contributes to the overall success of the organization as well as individual employees.

Because we are proud of our chosen profession, department, city and work, the values to which we subscribe can be articulated in an acronym known as PRIDE, which stands for Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Dignity and Excellence.


Police departments play a vital role through law enforcement, to maintain the dignity of democracy. They have additional rights in democratic societies to make the region a safe and secure place. The citizens give them authority to control, detain and use legal forces according to situations. To maintain the trust between the police department and citizens, police officers have to maintain high moral and ethical values

The Twin Falls Police Department promotes community-based crime prevention programs, include those that operate within the community and involve community residents actively working with the police department to address issues contributing to crime, delinquency and disorder. Community members are encouraged to play key roles in problem identification and planning solutions to problems in their communities.

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