When do you need a building permit?
  • Building permits are required for most construction in the City of Twin Falls, see the list of permit requirements.
  • What permit do I need? Separate permits are required for each scope of work being performed. For example, framing new or removing existing walls would require a building permit; adding or replacing HVAC duct or gas piping would require a mechanical permit, adding or replacing electrical wiring would need an electrical permit; adding or replacing plumbing piping or fixtures would require a plumbing permit.
  • If you have any questions regarding whether a permit is needed and/or what type of permit is needed, please contact the Building Safety Department at 208-735-7238.
  • If I am the homeowner doing the work, do I still need a permit? Homeowner’s doing work on their own primary residence need to follow all applicable codes including obtaining permits (BuildingElectricalPlumbing, & Mechanical).

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