Twin Falls Archway Messaging

The Twin Falls Archway Message Board provides public safety information and information on local non-profit events. All information posted to the Message Board is Government Speech of the City of Twin Falls. As such, all message board requests from private parties are considered suggestions pending final approval of the City. The City will draft the final content of all messages to be posted to the Message Board and reserves the right to deny any Request for any reason.

Please read the information below before submitting your message for the Twin Falls Archway Message Board. 

Prioritization – Messages will be posted in the following priority: 

  1. Public Safety Alerts and Notices
  2. Twin Falls City and County Services and Events
  3. Public and Charter School Services, Foundations and Events
  4. Other Civic or Community Events in the City of Twin Falls 

First-Come, First-Served - After prioritization, Messages will be posted on a first-come, first-served basis. If there is not adequate space due to high volume or a higher priority message, a previously approved message may be denied or removed. If a message is denied or removed, the Application Fee will be refunded. 

Duration of Post - No Message will remain posted for more than seven (7) days.  

Dimensions of Post - Each posting will be limited to the content that can fit on one screen and must be photo ready.  The aspect ration of of the screen are 1920x1080.  The document must be in .pdf format.

Please submit your Message Application for the Twin Falls Archway here [LINK] Or contact us for assistance.

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