Permit Responsibilities and Requirements


The permitting staff for the City of Twin Falls ensures that all permits are issued correctly and in a timely manner. On a daily basis, we serve as a liaison for everyone in the Building Department and direct questions, comments and concerns to the appropriate individual.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Accepting and entering inspection requests
  • Accepting and processing construction plans for departmental reviews
  • Answering general questions about permits and at what point one is required
  • Issuing certificates of occupancy on residential and commercial structures
  • Working closely with the Planning and Zoning, Fire and Engineering departments for plan review approvals, revisions and change orders


Permits are required for:

  • Additions to any structure, such as sunrooms, attached and detached garages, pools, etc.
  • All electrical, plumbing, mechanical and gas work must be permitted
  • All new single family structures; please be familiar with your property's setbacks and easements before building
  • Any residential detached accessory building over 200 square feet, or commercial accessory building over 120 square feet including a shed, pool, gazebo, or multiple story structures, etc.
  • Fences over seven feet tall
  • If you are in the historical preservation district, you must appear before the commission before your permit can be issued; please contact Kelly Weeks by calling (208) 735-7294 for more information
  • Most alterations, including new roofs, new windows, etc., require permits; a permit is not required for things such as interior wall paint or replacing the carpet
  • New commercial structures, remodels or additions
  • Signs, as well as temporary event banners, must be permitted
  • Starting a business in your home

Contact Information

If you are uncertain if the work you are about to begin requires a permit, please contact the Building Department by calling (208) 735-7238 before construction is started.