About Our Water

Water Sources

Twin Falls’ water source is groundwater from 10 wells out of the Snake River Plain aquifer. Water supplies for 2011 were drawn from the Blue Lakes Well Field, the South Wells and reservoir system and the Southeast Wells and reservoir system.

The Blue Lakes Well Field consists of four wells that supply the Harrison Station’s 5-million-gallon storage reservoir. The South Wells and reservoir system consists of four wells that supply two storage reservoirs, which are five million gallons each. The Southeast Wells and reservoir system consists of two wells that supply a two million gallon storage reservoir.  The Hankins and Southeast system consists of a 2 million gallon reservoir, and a 5 million gallon reservoir.  The Eldridge Booster station consists of a 730,000 gallon reservoir.  At these storage points, our water is disinfected and tested before distribution into our system.


Employees from the Water Supply Unit operate and maintain eight water pumping systems and six well systems, totaling thirteen wells. They monitor the wells up-gradient from the city to ensure water quality and test the drinking water to prove it meets all state and federal drinking water standards. They also operate and maintain all new pressurized irrigation pump stations and help setup, maintain and program all VFDs in the new irrigation pump buildings.

The Twin Falls Water Department is also responsible for the following:

  • Conducting drinking water testing that meets all state and federal drinking water standards
  • Monitoring the up-gradient of the city wells to ensure water quality
  • Operating and maintaining four water pumping stations
  • Operating and maintaining six well systems
  • Supply approximately 4.8 billion gallons of drinking water to the citizens of Twin Falls