What is the zoning for sheds and do I need a permit?
  • Can I build a shed on my residential property?
  • The Building Safety Department has a handout for building a storage shed, garage, or other outbuilding. If you have further questions, please contact Building Safety at 208-735-7238.
  • Any shed/accessory building greater than 200 sq/ft will require a building permit.
  • A shed/accessory building less than 200 sq/ft is generally allowed without a permit, but still need to meet Planning and Zoning regulations. If you have any questions regarding these, please call Planning & Zoning Department at 208-735-7267.
  • Depending on the zoning district you reside, there is a square footage limit for sheds/accessory buildings.


Allowed Square Footage w/o SUP


1500 sf or less


1000 sf or less


1000 sf or less


1000 sf or less


1000 sf or less

  • A Special Use Permit (SUP) may be requested if your accessory building is over these limits. Please review the list and City Code to determine if your shed/outbuilding falls into these categories.

  • If I am the homeowner doing the work, do I still need a permit? Homeowner’s doing work on their own primary residence need to follow all applicable codes including obtaining permits (BuildingElectricalPlumbing, & Mechanical).

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