Airport Master Planning Documents

The Joslin Field, Magic Valley Regional Airport (TWF) master plan is a comprehensive study of the airport that documents the short-, medium-, and long-term development plans needed to meet future aviation demand.

The overall goal of a master plan is to provide the framework needed to guide future airport development that will cost-effectively satisfy aviation demand, while considering potential environmental and socioeconomic impacts.

Below is the 2013 Magic Valley Regional Airport Master Plan, which is organized by chapter. Please take the time to review the plan and provide feedback to airport staff.

  1. Master Plan (PDF) Cover and Table of Contents
  2. ALP Set FAA Approval (PDF)
  3. MPU Appendix A (PDF)
  4. MPU Appendix B (PDF)
  5. MPU Appendix C (PDF)
  6. MPU Appendix D (PDF)
  7. MPU Appendix E (PDF)
  8. MPU Section 1 (PDF)
  9. MPU Section 2 (PDF)
  10. MPU Section 3 (PDF)
  11. MPU Section 4 (PDF)
  12. MPU Section 5 (PDF)
  13. MPU Section 6 (PDF)
  14. MPU Section 7 (PDF)
  15. MPU Section 8 (PDF)
  16. MPU Section 9 (PDF)

Review or download a copy of the Magic Valley Regional Airport (TWF) Proposed PFC Application No. 5. (PDF)