Seal Coat Information

Road Maintenance

The City of Twin Falls applies both chip seal and slurry seal each year during the summer months to extend the life of asphalt roads and minimize long-term costs. The City follows a Zone Maintenance schedule that consolidates maintenance projects, minimizing the impact on residents and commuters. Please View Map: Zone Maintenance (PDF)

2020 Seal Coat Map

Chip Seal

Chip seal is applied by spraying a heavy coating of emulsified asphalt oil onto a road surface and then covering the oil with rock. Rollers are then utilized to embed the rock into the oil, forming a new wearing course. A chip seal is applied when the pavement deterioration is greater than what a slurry seal is designed to correct, yet has not deteriorated to the point of requiring an expensive asphalt overlay. A chip seal helps prevent water penetration, reducing subsequent damage to the road bed, along with providing a new wearing course. Used with crack sealing and surface patching, a chip seal significantly extends the life of a neighborhood street.

2020 Chip Seal List

2020 Chip Seal Map

Fog Seal

Fog seal is the application of a thin layer of emulsified asphalt to the existing surface, which seals narrow cracks, restores pavement flexibility, and most importantly restores the underlying pavement structure. Fog seal is generally applied to newer streets that do not require more significant methods such as Chip, Slurry, and Friction Seal. Fog seal is typically sprayed onto the roadway.

2020 Fog Seal List

2020 Fog Seal Map

Friction Seal

Friction Seal is a new street treatment the City has added to their arsenal of roadway preservation. The Friction Seal treatment is a simultaneous application system that sprays the oil and immediately covers the oil with a fine crushed aggregate. This treatment does not require sweeping and has a short window of two hours for curing. This Friction Seal system will provide a more substantial seal that is heavier than a fog seal, yet lighter than a chip seal or slurry seal. This type of treatment will be used mostly on residential or light collector streets.

2020 Friction Seal List

2020 Friction Seal Map

Important Notice to Motorists

Please heed the road closures and detours that have been put in place to keep drivers off uncured sealed streets.