1.When is my next court date?

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor or traffic violation, you should call the Court Clerk at (208) 736-4025 or look up your case for free at the online ICourt Portal.

2. I was served with a subpoena; now what do I do?

If you have been served with a subpoena to appear before a Magistrate Judge, you have witnessed, or are a victim of a crime. This subpoena requires your personal appearance to answer questions the prosecutor/defense attorney may have at trial or hearing. You must comply with the subpoena or you could be fined $100 and/or jailed for your failure to appear. If you have questions about the case, please contact the City Attorney’s Office at (208) 735-7374. 

3. My case was screened by your office and charges are not being filed. Can you tell me why? 

One of the prosecuting attorneys has reviewed the information that received from the Twin Falls Police Department and determined that charges are not appropriate. If you want to know what was in the police report, you need to contact the Police Department to file a Public Records Request to review the report. If you have additional information that you want to provide the police, you may contact the Police Department at (208) 735-4357 to file a supplemental report.

4. My spouse/significant other was charged with domestic battery for pushing/hitting me, but it didn’t really happen that way. Can I drop the charges?

No. In this case, you are an important witness to the crime. The prosecutor is representing the State of Idaho and only the City Attorney’s Office is able to decide whether to drop the charges. If the defendant is telling you to drop the charges, you should tell him/her that you do not have that authority and report the same to the City Attorney’s Office immediately. 

5. How do I remove or modify a No Contact Order? 

You will need to pick up a Request to Revoke No Contact Order form from Court Services located at 425 Shoshone Street North, across the street from City Park.

6. I received an Order for Restitution and the defendant is not paying. What do I do?

If you are not receiving payments from a Defendant, please contact the Magistrate Probation Office at (208) 736-4230. You will need the Defendant’s name and/or case number to identify what type of payment plan the Defendant arranged. If the Defendant is late in payments, you can either:

  • Contact the Probation Officer (if applicable)
  • Obtain a Civil Judgment through the Prosecutor’s Office

7.Will an attorney from the City Attorney's Office represent me? 

No. The civil attorneys are the attorneys for the municipal corporation - the City of Twin Falls. They represent the City Council and the Mayor. The criminal prosecuting attorneys represent the State of Idaho.