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Well the skies are smokey and our view of the northern hills is distorted so it must be time for fire restrictions. Currently the entire state of Idaho is under a Level 1 Fire Restriction, with some areas experiencing a Level 2 Fire Restriction. A Level 1 restriction means you cannot have a campfire without a designated campfire ring provided by the administrative agency and no smoking unless inside a vehicle or in a designated recreation site that is barren or cleared of all flammable material.  Level 2 restriction prohibits the same but goes a little further and states that you cannot drive vehicles off a designated road or trail, use a chainsaw between 1:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m., and no welding, blasting, or other flame producing activity.  So if you’re planning a camping trip or going to do some blasting it might be a good idea to contact your local Forest Service office and get more details on the current fire restrictions. Remember, fire can cause untold destruction when not handled properly, also blasting should probably just be left to the professionals.

To help out here locally with the brush fire season, the fire department recently took ownership of a brand new Type 6 brush truck. Our new truck, Brush 1, will replace our old and out dated Type 6 currently housed at Station 1. This new rig is a 2017 F-550 crew cab, so we have plenty of room for guys and gear. Brush 1 is equipped with a 400 gallon water tank, foam system, a 155 gpm pump and it’s a Ford so it’s basically indestructible. These types of trucks make it a little easier to access fires down narrow ditch banks, around rock out croppings, or out in the middle of a farm field, places that our larger Type 4 brush trucks sometimes just can’t go. A special thanks is due to the Twin Falls Fire District for purchasing this new apparatus for the us, it is much appreciated and will be put to good use.

Recently Fire Marshal Tim Lauda worked with two young men who had the wrong idea about the dangers of fire. Mr. Lauda put these two boys through the Juvenile Fire Setter program and informed them on the danger and destruction that can come from playing with fire. The fire setter program is designed to educate the youths, help them see the error in their actions, and hopefully discourage this behavior in the future. At the completion of the program, the students make a presentation to their families and members of the fire department as well as other city departments explaining what they did wrong, what they learned, and what they’ll do differently in the future. An atta boy is due to Fire Marshal Lauda for taking time out of his busy schedule to educate and affect change in these young men’s lives. Way to go Tim, keep up the good work!

August also brought the annual MDA Fill the Boot fundraiser. The generous citizens of our city helped the Twin Falls Fire Fighters Association raise over $19,000 this year, a new record! A big thanks to all who donated to this worthwhile cause. A special thanks goes to the Rothweiler family for helping collect donations, Townsquare Media for helping us get the word out, and Connections Credit Union for letting us use their parking lot. In case you were wondering, all money raised stays here in the Magic Valley and goes to families in need helping pay for doctor bills, medicine, and making homes more accessible. We may have held up some people but it was for a good cause and the donations are very appreciated by the families who receive them. If you missed us this time, we’ll be back out there again next year.

That’s about it for this month until next time, don't forget to wave to the boys in the BRT.

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