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July….July….oh July the month of large hot summer brush fires.  Luckily none of those hot summer brush fires were in the Twin Falls Fire Departments response area, although we did lend a hand a few times this past month to neighboring departments.  The fire department stayed busy as ever this July, responding to emergency calls, training, and lending a hand whenever possible around the community.

A few members of the Fire Department have begun instructing city employees in the art of cardio pulmonary resuscitation or CPR for short.  Firefighters Zack Fleming and Gerry Dillman along with Driver Brian Rice, are certified American Heart Association CPR and AED instructors.  So far these fellas have trained and certified over 100 city employees.  That’s over 100 employees who can now, if need be, attempt to save the life of a co-worker, citizen, or family member.  This is a skill that everyone can benefit from, so if you haven’t already, sign up for one of their classes.  Besides Zack, Gerry, and Brian are good guys and always make class fun.

Earlier this month St. Luke’s Magic Valley held an Evacuation Drill.  This drill included staff, a few patients, as well as emergency service workers.  C-1 boys were able to participate in this ever important drill.  The drill was held twice that day, once for each shift, and the C-1 crew assisted hospital personnel in evacuating multiple patients from upper floors of the facility.  During these drills elevators are not used and all patients are evacuated through the stairwells using special stair chairs for non-ambulatory patients.  After the drill had come to an end, the fire boys met with some patients to try and spread some joy through the hospital halls.  Good job fellas way to make your department proud.

Recently there has been a few responsibility changes around the Fire Department.  Driver Dave Owens has passed on the Public Education baton to Firefighter Dallas Williamson.  Dave did an excellent job educating the public, including trips to every elementary school in the city twice a year to visit with all the 2nd graders and inform them on fire safety.  Dallas has some big shoes to fill but we have full confidence in him that he’ll get the job done and excel at his new duties.  Plus the new Sparky the Fire Dog costume fits Mr. Williamson like it was made for him.  Good job Dave and thanks for all your efforts over the years and good luck Dallas, don’t worry the 2nd graders don’t bite…..that much.

The Fire Department not only comes to the aid of people with emergencies but we try to help out those who just need a little manual labor done.  The students at Harrison Elementary raised money for a new playground system.  The school was able to save $15,000 by performing the installation of the equipment themselves but needed a little help.  The Fire Department as well as the Street Department lent a hand in preparing the area where the new system was to be installed.  The teachers and other volunteers were extremely thankful for the assistance.  A special thanks is due to Dean Littler and Cody Brown for their help, without them the volunteers would probably still be out there shoveling and racking playground bark.  A good example of the One City concept not only within our organization but in our community. 

That’s about it for this month, until next time, don't forget to wave to the boys in the BRT.


7.13.2017 TFFD Drill and Patients (20).jpg