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City Budget
The City of Twin Falls budget is a sustainable plan of action, detailing how the strategic planning priorities and overall goals will be achieved. By staying focused on the future, examining current budgets for efficiencies, collaborating with other jurisdictions in the area of economic development, investing in technology, judiciously weighing proposals to add or enhance programs and planning carefully, the city has been able to maintain service levels during an era of rising costs and declining revenues streams.

This plan adheres to the city’s financial policies and enhances the city's financial position while providing excellent levels of service. This budget document is intended to give the reader a comprehensive view of proposed funding for the city’s day-to-day operations, scheduled capital improvement expenditures and principal and interest payments for outstanding long-term debt and capital leases. The operations are organized into programs of service or operating departments to give the public a clear idea of how resources are allocated.

2017-18 Fiscal Year City Budget

See the Fiscal Year 2018 Budget. To view previous city budgets and planning documents please see our City Plans page. To help us better serve you, please provide your input here.
2018 Financial Update

See the 2018 Financial Update for all tax supported funds such as water, sewer, and sanitation.

2018-19 Fiscal Year Recommended Budget

The City of Twin Falls is holding public hearings on the 2019 City Manager's Recommended Budget and is providing residents with an opportunity to provide input online. Budget presentations and public hearings will focus on the following objectives in the Strategic Plan:

Twin Falls City Council meetings begin at 5 p.m. and Public Hearings are scheduled for 6 p.m. Anyone who needs assistance to participate in the meeting should contact Leila Sanchez 208-735-7287 at least 48 hours before the meeting. Si desea esta información en español, llame Leila Sanchez 208-735-7287.

Monday, July 16:
Accessible Community
- Expanding the transportation network to address motorized, bicycle and pedestrian demands
- Maintaining transportation assets such as streets, sidewalks, and trails
- Maintain and improve the Magic Valley Regional Airport
- Being a leader in regional transportation planning for Southern Idaho
Environmental Community
- Improve the environmental standards of the community
- Support environmental stewardship

Monday, July 23:
Learning Community
- Extend the knowledge base of city government in support of a learning community
- Maximize capacity of Twin Falls Public Library as community learning center
Secure Community
- Maintain public safety at the highest practical level
- Maintain safe public facilities and parks

Monday, July 30:
Healthy Community
- The city will be an effective partner in a broad-based focus on community health
Prosperous Community
- Create and implement a comprehensive economic development plan
- Revitalize the downtown
- Provide public services that support travel and tourism

Monday, Aug. 6:
Responsible Community
- Engage and Involve the Community
- The city will create a focus on the needs of an aging community
- The city will further enhance its fiscal stewardship
- The City will provide regional leadership and support on issues impacting the broader community
- Align advisory board structure with Strategic Plan
Internal Organization
- Provide effective, professional, high quality services to city resident, businesses, industries, and visitors
Public Hearing on Proposed Rate Adjustment

Monday, Aug. 13:
Review all sections of preliminary budget

Monday, Aug. 20:
Final public hearing and council adoption of budget