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Code Enforcement Process
Definition and Purpose 
The City of Twin Falls has adopted local laws, called city codes, which are designed to promote the health, safety and welfare of its citizens. These codes establish guidelines for safe and attractive residential neighborhoods and commercial districts.

The city enforces these codes on a complaint basis, such as if a concerned citizen calls in, and by neighborhood inspections, where staff may become aware of an issue while traveling through the area. As healthy, attractive neighborhoods are maintained, the quality of life in the city is promoted and crime and decay can be deterred.

An important role of code enforcement is also education. Often times residents and businesses are not aware of a particular regulation and we seek to provide education of ordinances and opportunities to bring a property into compliance. 

Violation Types
  • Sanitation issues
  • Sign issues
  • Weed issues
  • Zoning issues

Violation Process 
  1. Code violations involving such things as junk, non-operable cars, weeds and more are reported to Code Enforcement Coordinator, Sean Standley, 735-7278.
  2. A tracking sheet is started; code enforcement files are organized by address. 
  3. A courtesy letter is sent to the property owner and tenant, if applicable, explaining the observation, listing applicable code sections, stating the required compliance (getting a permit, cleaning up an issue on the property) and a compliance deadline of 10 days from the date of the letter is given. 
  4. The site is inspected on the deadline. If the property is compliant, the file is closed as resolved. If the enforcement issue still exists then a final violation notice is sent out informing the owner that the violation must be corrected in 10 days or the matter will be turned over to the city attorney.
  5. The site is re-inspected if required. If the property is compliant, the file is closed as resolved. If the enforcement issue is still present, the matter is referred to the city attorney. Violations of the city code may be a cause for a civil or criminal charge. Any person convicted of violating zoning regulations can be punished with up to 90 days imprisonment, a fine not to exceed $300 or both as found necessary by the court.