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Common Code Violations
Code Enforcement Officers
For more information, please view the city code or contact Code Enforcement Coordinator, Sean Standley, regarding sanitation violations by calling (208) 735-7278.  You may also contact Sean for information about the keeping of fowl or animals besides cats and dogs.

The following is a list of the eight most common violations that code enforcers Sean Standley encounter in order of occurrence:
  1. Weeds 
  2. Junk 
  3. Yard sale sign violations 
  4. Vegetation encroachment 
  5. Sight obstructions 
  6. Animal permit needed 
  7. Sidewalk obstructions
  8. An RV occupied on residential property
Planning and Zoning
Below are the seven most common planning and zoning violations in order of occurrence: 
  1. Signs that require a permit 
  2. Prohibited signs 
  3. Expired sign permits 
  4. Signs in the right of way 
  5. A business in a residential zone 
  6. Special use permit required
  7. Special use permit conditions not met