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Historic Preservation Commission
  • 12:00 pm 
  • First & Third Monday of every month, unless otherwise posted
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  • City Council Chambers
    203 Main Avenue East
    Twin Falls, ID 83301


  • Nancy Taylor, Chair
  • Debbie Lattin
  • Samantha Kemp, Vice Chair
  • Douglas Baughman 
  • Samra Culum
  • Allen Easterling
  • Lucy Wills
  • Chris Reid, City Council Liaison

The purpose of this committee is to promote the educational, cultural, economic and general welfare of the public of the city through the identification, evaluation, designation, and protection of those buildings, sites, areas, structures and objects, which reflect significant elements of the city's, state's, and nation's historic, architectural, archaeological and cultural heritage. As part of their process a Certificate of Appropriateness approval may be required. 

For more information on the Historic Preservation Committee, please view the city code Title 2, Chapter 7.

Certificate of Appropriateness
Certificate of Appropriateness shall be required whether or not a building permit is required. A decision of the Historic Preservation Commission regarding an application for a Certificate of Appropriateness may be appealed by the applicant to the city council.

Design Guidelines: No exterior portion of any building or other structure (including walls, fences, light fixtures, steps and pavement, or other appurtenant features) nor aboveground utility structures nor any type of outdoor advertising sign shall be erected, altered, restored, moved or demolished within this district until after an application for a Certificate of Appropriateness as to exterior features has been submitted to and approved by the Historic Preservation Commission.

The Historic Preservation Commission shall review the “Historic Downtown, City Park and Warehouse District Design Guidelines" as they exist or as amended for compliance before issuing a Certificate of Appropriateness. Such a certificate is to be issued by the Historic Preservation Commission prior to the issuance of a building permit or other permit granted for purposes of construction or altering structures.

Below are copies of the guidelines along with maps to identify each district.

Certificate of Appropriateness Application

Historic District Guidelines
View the design guidelines for the Warehouse Historic District
View the design guidelines for the Downtown/Park Historic District

Historic District Maps
Historic Warehouse District Map
Downtown Historic District Map
City Park Historic District Map