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Posted on: October 17, 2023

UPDATE: Pressurized Irrigation Shutoff, Winterization Will Start Oct. 16


The City of Twin Falls will begin the seasonal shutdown and winterization of pressurized irrigation stations beginning October 16. Subdivisions connected to Pressurized Irrigation will not receive irrigation water until next season — typically in late-April. Pressurized Irrigation shutoff was slated for later in the month, but had to be schedule for October 16 to accommodate regional equipment shortages.

Homeowners can see when their subdivision’s Pressurized Irrigation station has been shutoff by visiting the Pressurized Irrigation Station Status page on the city website here:

Homeowners are encouraged to winterize their sprinkler systems. Winterization involves closing the valve that connects the home’s sprinkler system to the City’s Pressurized Irrigation lines (typically located near the sidewalk of the residence), and then removing remaining water from the sprinkler lines to prevent freezing during winter.

Several local businesses offer sprinkler winterization for a small fee. Having a sprinkler system properly winterized can prevent water waste and costly damage to a homeowner’s irrigation systems.

The City appreciates the community’s efforts this year to reduce water usage. Homeowners can continue to conserve water by winterizing their sprinkler systems soon and following the Water Conservation Schedule at TFID.ORG during irrigation seasons. Pressurized Irrigation will resume service in late-April when the regional canal system is recharged for the season.

What is Pressurized Irrigation?

To help conserve limited water supplies from the Snake Plain Aquifer, the City of Twin Falls partnered with the Twin Falls Canal Company to utilize water from the region’s existing canal system for irrigation purposes.

The innovative process draws water from the canals into nine settling ponds that allow the natural separation of organic material from the water. The water is then channeled to 22 pump stations that deliver pressurized irrigation water to thousands of homes in the City of Twin Falls.

For more than 15 years, the city has required all new subdivisions within the city limits to be irrigated with pressurized irrigation. The Pressurized Irrigation system has reduced the City’s demand on limited Snake Plain Aquifer supplies by more than 5 million gallons per day!

What is the Water Conservation Schedule?

The City of Twin Falls urges all residents to follow the City water conservation schedule and adjust watering schedules to lower demand times. The Water Conservation Schedule and valuable tools to help homeowners schedule watering times is available here: 

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