Barking Dog Complaints

First complaint (within one year): 

Dispatch will need the address of where the barking dog is located and your name/address for our records. Once the officer has verified there is a dog at the address given that is barking excessively, or untimely: a verbal or written notice can be issued to the dog owner.

Second Complaint (within one year): 

After giving the dog owner a week to comply with the first warning, a written warning can be issued if the complainant has video evidence of the dog in question barking excessively/untimely or the officer can confirm the dog in question is barking excessively, or untimely when on scene. Dispatch will request your name/address for our records. Video/audio evidence does need to be past the one week given for compliance.

Third Complaint (within one year):

After giving the dog owner a week to comply with the second warning, the complainant can request to sign a citation for the barking dog if they:

  • have video/audio evidence of the dog in question barking. Video must be from complainants’ property, without antagonizing the dog, or trespassing onto other property.  Evidence must be dated, and past the one week given for compliance.
  • can describe the residence (physically or by address), the dog in question and can verbally express that the dog’s barking is annoying or disturbing to the complainant.
  • is willing to sign citation, fill out a statement and is willing to testify in court.


(Q) The officer heard the dog barking when I called, why isn’t the officer citing the dog owner for their dog barking?

(A) City and State code require the citizen file the complaint, as the officer’s peace cannot be disturbed.


(Q) Can I call anonymously?

(A) Yes. The officer can issue verbal/written notices, if the complaint is verified. However, no citation can be issued without a complaining party that is willing to sign a citation.

(Q) Is the use of anti-barking ultrasonic sound devices allowed on my own property?

(A) Currently, there is no city code preventing the use of anti-barking ultra-sonic devices. Ensure the devices are located on your own property at all times.

City Code6-4-14 (H):

For any person to own, keep or harbor any dog which by loud, continued or frequent barking, howling or yelping shall annoy or disturb any neighborhood or person. This subsection shall not apply to the animal shelter or veterinary hospitals.

Barking Dog