URA Downtown Arts Subcommittee

Twin Falls Mural Project - Call for Mural Artists



Contact: Lorrie Bauer 208-735-7313

Deadline: August 20, 2021


The Downtown Arts Subcommittee on behalf of the UrbanMural Project Renewal Agency of the City of Twin Falls (URA) invites mural artists to apply for a public art two-dimensional mural submission to go on the above selected building site. Artwork can be vertical, horizontal, asymmetrical or partial wrap-around the two sides of the building. Minimum size must be greater than or equal to 300 sq. ft. This project is a continuation of bringing public art to the City of Twin Falls. Previous projects have included murals for the Downtown Commons, historic figure statuary and utility box wraps.


The call is open to all two-dimensional exterior mural artists residing in the Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada or Utah) creating original artwork. There is no entry fee. Artists from all cultural, ethnic, and economic backgrounds are encouraged to apply.


The budget for this public art project is $15,000. This is a not-to-exceed amount and encompasses all expenses associated with the public art project, including but not limited to, travel and lodging, site preparation, materials and equipment including potential scaffolding or lift equipment.



The URA Downtown Arts Subcommittee seeks an artist or artist(s) to submit artwork.

  • Artwork must be painted directly onto the surface of the building
  • Artwork submitted must display compatibility with the site, appropriateness regarding the location, timelessness, and quality. The work must be original
  • The artwork must be durable, seal coated for protection and light fastness of color and permanent primer with life-time expectancy of 10 years.

Art “Theme”

Ideally, the artwork selected could be reflective of the topography, landscape, geology and heritage of and/or celebration of our lifestyle in the Magic Valley. The goal of this public art project is to provide a legacy in Twin Falls; add dimension, depth, and character to the community, inspire young minds, encourage and aid in business retention, reinforce a local identity for citizens to take pride in, and generally add to the beauty and quality of life enjoyed by all. In summary, the City of Twin Falls is promoting emplacement of either fun, bold, whimsical or iconic public art to engage our travelers and citizens.

The artwork must not be a likeness of any identifiable individual(s).

The artist will have the responsibility of providing to the URA a completed art piece.


Twin Falls began as an agricultural center, springing up from the high desert of Southern Idaho. The town served the pioneering farmers who homesteaded the irrigated lands of the fertile Snake River Plain, which had once been populated by Native Americans. Twin Falls is still at the heart of one of the world’s most productive farming regions, but it’s also developing into a small urban center – the kind of place many people seek as a refuge from the faster pace and challenges of larger metropolitan areas.

Centrally located in South Central Idaho, Twin Falls is the perfect home-base for exploring the region. Parks, golf courses, river access and trails follow the Snake River as it winds through the region – the steep canyon walls framing the setting for fishing, boating, rafting, and waterskiing. With a population of over 50,000, while growing quickly, still has a small-town America atmosphere.

Twin Falls has, as they say, “been discovered”. New job growth, building, and business retention is compounding at one of the highest rates in the state. During the last few decades, gradual diversification of the agriculture-based economy allowed the city to continue to grow, and Twin Falls is now the home of one of the most state-of-the-art hospitals in the country, several internationally known manufacturing centers, a thriving community college, restaurants, and retail. In recent years, Twin Falls has become multicultural, thanks in a large part to a refugee center operated in the City of Twin Falls. Since 1993, significant numbers of people from Eastern Europe, Nepal, Africa, and the Middle East have moved to the Magic Valley. The city and surrounding areas also have a sizeable Hispanic population. Twin Falls boasts a thriving art community with a variety of performing art series, jazz concerts, community and semi-professional theater groups, two dedicated art galleries, summer camps in the arts, and a yearly public art festival.


Twin Falls and its surrounding areas offer some of the best outdoor opportunities in the state. Whether you’d like to crash through Class V rapids, fish in clear rivers and reservoirs, go mountain biking, hiking, skiing or base jumping, Twin Falls provides unbelievable access to Southern Idaho getaways.

Twin Falls City Hall
Main Avenue
Auger Falls


Hayes StatueDowntown Commons MuralsWrapped Box
IMG_0262Utility Box WrapUtility Box Wrap


Date: July 23, 2021 Call to Artists

Date: August 20, 2021 Deadline for response to Call to Artists (must be received by 5 p.m.)

Date: Sept. 2, 2021 Selection Committee reviews submittals

Date: Sept. 13, 2021 Selected artist notified. URA approves artist contract and City obtains public art easement from property owner

Date: Nov. 8, 2021 Completion of artwork and dedication.


  • Resume including contact information
  • Artistic statement (max 250 words)
  • Up to 6 images of previous existing artwork or design work
  • Image information including drawing of submission, title, and dimensions of mural artwork
  • List of proposed materials to be used to complete artwork


Application to be received no later than August 20, 2021 by 5 p.m., MST.

Mail Delivery:
Digital Delivery:
Lorrie Bauer, URA DT Arts
City of Twin Falls
P.O. Box 1907

Twin Falls, Idaho 83303

JPEG rendering and submission requirements can be emailed to: lbauer@tfid.org

The application should be packaged in such a manner that the sealed envelope clearly reflects the project name(s) and the applicant’s name and address. All materials submitted become the property of the City of Twin Falls and will not be returned unless a self-addressed stamped envelope, with sufficient postage, is provided. The City of Twin Falls will make every effort to protect submitted materials; however, it will not be responsible for any loss or damage.


A selection panel made up of designated representatives of the URA Downtown Arts Subcommittee, City of Twin Falls and the building owner will review all artists’ submissions and will select an artist to recommend to the Urban Renewal Agency of the City of Twin Falls for contracting. The selection committee may, or may not, elect to interview (via Zoom) one or more artists during the selection process. Selection criteria used will include artist quality and innovation, appropriateness, timelessness, as well as compatibility with the site. The selection panel will select the artwork based on the criteria, and possible community feedback on the proposed project.

The selected artist will work with a designated representative from the URA Downtown Arts Subcommittee to refine the selected mural concept, materials, size and final project.

PLEASE NOTE: The artwork becomes the sole property of the City of Twin Falls and reserves the right to use images of completed artwork for publicity.

LODGING/TRANSPORTATION: Artists are responsible for securing their own transportation and lodging.