Water Fitness Classes

CSI-City Pool Water Fitness Class

Is lap swimming not your thing?  Try water aerobics!  Water aerobics is great on the body because of the reduced impact while providing the same workout that land exercises can provide!  This class is geared towards people over 60, however if you are not 60 you are welcome to attend as well (people 60 and older will have priority registration if space becomes limited).

When: Due to COVID-19 information for future sessions are TBD at this time.

Days/Time: Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 8-9am

Session Prices: Pass Holder: $47                  Community: $90

Register at the Gym/Rec Center on the west side of the CSI campus. For more information, contact CSI at (208) 732-6483.

Aqua Blast

This fast moving class mixes traditional water fitness routines with aqua dance to create a FUN and EXCITING experience!

Sessions: June 9 - July 3

Days/Time: Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday from 8-9am

Session Prices: Pass Holder: $25                 Community: $45

Click this link, TWIN FALLS DASH, to register for Aqua Blast online!

Water Aerboics