Witness Schedule

The following is the list of witnesses who are required to come to court to testify at upcoming trials and hearings. If there is confusion regarding a trial or hearing, please contact the City Attorney’s Office at (208)735-7374.

Witnesses for Trials During the Next Week

Wed 04/01/20209:00:00 AMAndrew Swenson c/o SwenmartIsidro Garcia
Wed 04/01/20209:00:00 AMAnthony Rhoades c/o TFPDJason Hill
Wed 04/01/20209:00:00 AMAustin James c/o TFPDJeffery Few
Wed 04/01/20209:00:00 AMBraxton Christensen c/o TFPDJoe Nevarez
Wed 04/01/20209:00:00 AMDesiree Parker-GillespieRudolph Gillespie
Wed 04/01/20209:00:00 AMDzevad Mandzic c/o TFPDZachary Dudley
Wed 04/01/20209:00:00 AMEric Barzee c/o TFPDIsidro Garcia
Wed 04/01/20209:00:00 AMEric Watte c/o Apollo Motor InnSeth Maughan
Wed 04/01/20209:00:00 AMGalina Giso c/o ISPFSJoe Nevarez
Wed 04/01/20209:00:00 AMJonathan Shobe c/o TFPDSeth Maughan
Wed 04/01/20209:00:00 AMMatt Rickards c/o TFPDJoe Nevarez
Wed 04/01/20209:00:00 AMRachel Cutler c/o ISPFSJason Hill
Wed 04/01/20209:00:00 AMShannon BullockSeth Maughan
Wed 04/01/20209:00:00 AMTyler Campbell c/o TFPDRudolph Gillespie
Mon 04/06/20209:00:00 AMSamir Smriko c/o TFPDShelby Rohn
Mon 04/13/20209:00:00 AMBrad Baisch c/o TFPDJose Guevara
Mon 04/13/20209:00:00 AMCasey BartonJoel Climer
Mon 04/13/20209:00:00 AMChris Ehardt c/o TFPDMisty Tucker
Mon 04/13/20209:00:00 AMCrystal EstradaIven Phonemany
Mon 04/13/20209:00:00 AMDavid Weigt TFPDChristopher Sieple
Mon 04/13/20209:00:00 AMElisha Batteiger c/o TFPDIven Phonemany
Mon 04/13/20209:00:00 AMJason Kelly c/o TFPDJoel Climer
Mon 04/13/20209:00:00 AMJeremy McEwenJoel Climer
Mon 04/13/20209:00:00 AMJustin Cyr c/o TFPDGary Sperry
Mon 04/13/20209:00:00 AMKyler Jordan c/o TFPDGary Sperry
Mon 04/13/20209:00:00 AMLiz Guzman c/o TFPDTanner Jones
Mon 04/13/20209:00:00 AMLou Coronado TFPDGerald Mcneil
Mon 04/13/20209:00:00 AMMakynna WeedmanIven Phonemany
Mon 04/13/20209:00:00 AMMartin Becerra c/o TFPDJoel Climer
Mon 04/13/20209:00:00 AMMatt Rickards c/o TFPDFranklin Mascari
Mon 04/13/20209:00:00 AMMatt Rickards c/o TFPDMercedes Guevara
Mon 04/13/20209:00:00 AMNate Egan c/o TFPDJustin Epps
Mon 04/13/20209:00:00 AMRicky ByceJoel Climer