Human Resources


The Human Resources Department is responsible for the development and administration of a comprehensive personnel management system for all city departments. The human resources function includes activities such as:

  • Benefit administration
  • Classification
  • Compensation
  • Employee relations
  • Recruitment
  • Selection
  • Training

Job Opportunities

Please contact the Human Resources department for information on applying for jobs with the City of Twin Falls or to be notified when jobs become available with the Police and Fire departments.

Overall, programs administered by Human Resources are intended to ensure equal employment opportunities at all levels and to integrate employee needs and expectations with state and/or federal regulations, organizational goals and fiscal responsibility.

City Organization

The City of Twin Falls is governed under the council-manager form of city government, combining the political leadership of seven elected City Council members with the managerial experience of a city manager.

As an organization, the City of Twin Falls takes great pride in providing quality service at reasonable cost. The city is unique among public employers because of its political stability, strong financial condition, dedication to constant improvement in facilities and services and its progressive and novel ways of problem solving.

The City's Organizational Chart (PDF) outlines the current employee structure.

City Employees

Approximately 321 full-time employees provide service to the city. From service / maintenance to officials and administrators, all employees play an important role in the city's commitment to innovation and excellence.

Job Classifications

All positions within the city are assigned to a level within a Kinds and Levels Chart.  The positions are grouped by:

  • Knowledge and abilities
  • Similar requirements
  • Supervisory level
  • Training

Salary Table

View the Salary Table (PDF) for the City of Twin Falls has all salaries paid for city positions.