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City Budget
The City of Twin Falls believes that the budget process is a year-round process - revisiting it constantly to improve efficiency and ensure that resources are being used to support the City's Strategic Plan. As such, the City begins organizing its preliminary budget very early in the fiscal year to allow citizens, staff and elected officials the time to review and hone the budget.

    Budget Plan

    The City's budget is a sustainable plan of action, detailing how the strategic planning priorities and overall goals will be achieved. By staying focused on the future, examining current budgets for efficiencies, collaborating with other jurisdictions in the area of economic development, investing in technology, judiciously weighing proposals to add or enhance programs and planning carefully, the City of Twin Falls has been able to maintain service levels during an era of rising costs and declining revenues streams.

    This plan adheres to the city’s financial policies and enhances the city's financial position while providing excellent levels of service. This budget document is intended to give the reader a comprehensive view of proposed funding for the city’s day-to-day operations, scheduled capital improvement expenditures and principal and interest payments for outstanding long-term debt and capital leases. The operations are organized into programs of service or operating departments to give the public a clear idea of how resources are allocated.

    2014-15 Budget (Past)

    The City of Twin Falls and Twin Falls City Council have concluded the process of planning the FY 2015 Budget. See the 2015 Budget. See the recommended budget presentation to the Twin Falls City Council, as well as the completed schedule of the budget planning process. To view previous City budgets and planning documents please see our City Plans page.

    2015-16 Budget (Recommended)

    The Twin Falls City Manager’s Recommended Budget for FY 2016 is available for review. View the 2016 Preliminary Budget. The preliminary budget is a working document and is expected to be revised during the public discussion and hearing process. The City of Twin Falls welcomes any comment or feedback on the Recommended Budget. To help us better serve you, please provide your input here.

    2015-16 Budget (Approved)

    The City of Twin Falls and Twin Falls City Council have concluded the process of planning approving the FY 2016 Budget. See the City of Twin Falls GFOA 2016 Budget.