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October has come and gone and November is upon us. The coming of the eleventh month also brings an important safety concern that may need some attention. Fall brings us Daylight Savings Time, Sunday, November 6th. The fire department tries to remind citizens to replace the batteries in their smoke detectors every 6 months and a good way to remember that is, “When you change your clocks, change your smoke detector batteries.” But don’t just change the battery and call it good, push the test button to ensure proper operation. Smoke detectors save lives, the quicker you are alerted of a problem the quicker you can get out, but an inoperable detector won’t alert you of anything.

The Fire Department is wrapping up one project and starting another this month.  First, we’ve just about got all the required fire hydrants tested and recorded for the year. Which is good because no one wants to be testing hydrants in the snow, not very much fun. The new project is another annual one, the servicing and maintaining of all city owned fire extinguishers. Yes, soon you will see our happy smiling faces around the city collecting and servicing the big red things that you hang your coat on (All coats found hanging on the extinguishers will be collected and donated to good will!), just kidding. This can be difficult at times for the guys assigned to it, going to another department and searching for an extinguisher that may or may not exist anymore. So any help in locating extinguishers is much appreciated while we try to accomplish this very important task.

Well the C-shift boys drew the short straw this year and are on duty for Thanksgiving. Although “short straw” might not be an accurate description.  Thanksgiving at the firehouse can be a fun filled, family filled, food filled event.  On occasions like this we usually invite our families in and have a large dinner at Station 1. So even though we’re on duty, Thanksgiving can still be a nice family holiday for the C-shift boys.

Well that’s about it for this month and until next time, don't forget to wave to the boys in the BRT.