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Happy Holidays from the fire department! We hope that all your Christmas dreams came true and that your New Year's resolutions will be easily kept. "A" shift had the privilege of working both Christmas day and New Year's Eve this year, but it wasn't all bad. On Christmas day the "A" boys had the option of inviting their families to the stations for Christmas dinner and caroling. Okay, maybe just for dinner, but I'm sure it was a joyous time.

December brought more than just cold weather to the Fire Department: it brought some busy work days as well. Numerous weather related calls came our way this month. Several fire sprinkler lines froze and broke due to the extreme cold. When a sprinkler line breaks it can quickly spill a lot of damaging water in your building. The best cure for this is to keep the building heated above 40 degrees to prevent pipes from freezing and breaking. The icy roads brought on a few more vehicle accidents as well. Remember to slow down and allow for more braking time when road conditions call for it.

Oh the joys of HAZMAT training! Earlier this month the Twin Falls Fire Department HAZMAT response ninjas participated in some crucial multi agency training. Day one consisted of a drill at the Twin Fall Fairgrounds put on by the Army’s 101st Civil Service Team. The drill simulated an illicit laboratory identification and neutralizing practical. The drill went off without issue, if you don’t count the frigid temperatures, and was a complete success. Day two brought more training for the team, with the topic being Radiation Detection. All in all the training went well and the team is now more capable than ever at mitigating a hazardous materials incident.

Once again the City Luncheon/Retreat was a great time. With good food, good door prizes, and great conversation and comradery. The Fire Department would like to thank all who were involved in putting this awesome event together. It was a good and inspiring time and we can’t wait until the next one comes around.

That's it for this month. Until next time, don't forget to wave to the guys in the BRT.